Friday, September 10, 2010

State Your Intentions Twenty Four Hour, Nov. 13th 2010

This is going to be laid out as simple as possible, cause' it's a simple event.
State Your Intentions Twenty Four Hour Story
I was recently exiled to Northwest Arkansas for work (from Burlington, VT)
I rented a home atop a 'mountain' - they call hills mountains in this area for some reason
My home is on a road (go figure) that goes around the top of the 'mountain' - 1.1 miles around
The road is fairly flat with a few bumps along the way
I ran it one evening
It was boring as hell
I know people do this 'loopy loop' thing for hours and sometimes days on end and enjoy it
I need to know WHY people enjoy it
I decided to create an event and invite some friends

The Deal

  1. Fees: NONE...except we suggest that people commit to a can of food per 5 miles run - donated to a local shelter for Thanksgiving (for example: 100 miles run is 20 cans of food). This is a 'suggestion' and not a requirement, can be more, can be less, can be a dollar donation of any amount, clothing...whatever you can do.
  2. Location: anywhere in the world (we have an military base in Qatar participating)
  3. Start Time: 7am Central - we will all start and end at the same moment in time (for example, 8am start eastern, 5am pacific). The run ends after 24 hours.
  4. Course: I don't really care - a neighborhood mile loop is perfect but so is a track or trail
  5. No mileage after 24hrs count, so it's up to the discretion of your location and course how to manage when to let someone start another loop and figure out the mileage if they don't complete it. Also, if someone cannot run for 24 hours, no big deal, they can still participate - just go as far as you can or want.
  6. Why is it called 'State Your Intentions'? All participants must STATE THEIR INTENTION for how many miles they'll cover in 24 hours. This is your goal, this is the distance you'll need to cover for your intention to be fulfilled and count towards the standings. Anything less doesn't count, anything more is gravy and doesn't count toward the competition (though you're welcome to run as much as you want). So, be honest with yourself, challenge yourself, challenge others, but think hard about what you intend to commit. For example; I could state I'll run 135 miles and be listed as top dog...but, if on race day I only deliver 110 - I get no credit. But, if I have the largest 'bid/goal/intention' going into the run and I accomplish it, I'm guaranteed victory.
  7. Important: Please review the registration page - the deadline to register is Nov 1st, 8pm Central. After this date/time no additional registrants will be accepted for the race. After you register, you can change your mileage intention as much as you like - just send me an email and I'll make the adjustment. Final, final, final intentions are due to me by Nov 8th, 8pm Central, and will be posted that evening. There will be no changes allowed after this; so choose your intention wisely! Important Change - registration extended to 11/8.
  8. Pacing - I couldn't care less
  9. Every race venue should be respectful of the surrounding community; this means NO TRASH, please be peaceful, ask permission if necessary and tell them we're doing a food drive fun run for Thanksgiving, and please recycle and minimize waste as much as possible.
  10. Integrity and honor is the overarching rule - this relates to food donations (not asking much here), distance results, etc.

We'll create some fun titles and give out (send) awards as deep as we can. Atayne and Zombie Runner have both agreed to support the race with awards...which is great, fun, and simply awesome of them to do. Please visit their site, say hello, if you need anything, become a patron of their businesses,
and tell em' thanks.

State Your Intentions Results
Please send results to as soon as you can afterward and I'll post them to the Intentions/Results page as soon as possible.

Race Locations
Please email me at if you're hosting a location that other runners can join and provide me with an email address people can contact you at if interested. I'll post it on the locations page.

Live Tracking/Posting
If you would like to Tweet your status, use the #SYI hash tag.

This is a work in progress; if you have any suggestions/recommendations email me.