2010 State Your Intentions Twenty Four Hour

Name, Age/Sex, Home/Current State, Race Location, Group/Club, Longest Run - (Intention, 2010 Result)

Final Standings

1. Tony Cesario, 47M, Italy/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 100m - (50m, 50m)
2. Nikki Seger, 48F, WY/FL, Indian Harbor/FL, N/A, 152m - (48m, 48m)
3. Naresh, 27M, India/TN, Nashville/TN, N/A, 53miles - (31.1m, 31.1m)
4. Deanna Doohaluk, 34F, PA/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 50m - (30m, 31m)
5. Charles Hatchen, 41M, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 50k - (20m, 21m)
6. John Prozelt, 50M, IL/IL, Chicago/IL, CHUGS, 100m - (15m, 15m)
7. Dulce Juarez, 39F, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 8m - (11m, 11m)
8. Monica Juarez, 12F, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 5m - (11m, 11m)
9. Karla Juarez, 11F, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 5m - (11m, 11m)
10. Kelly Gaines, 33F, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 50m - (10m, 10m)

Honorable Efforts...some more than others :)

X1. Charles Dye, 43M, MS/LA, Mandeville/LA, N/A, 62m - (70m, 52.4m)
X2. Julie Bane, 47F, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 72m - (62m, 50m)
X3. Brian Gaines, 38M, NE/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 100m - (71m, 50m)
X4. Edna Esposito, ?/F, IL/IL, Bartlett/IL, N/A, 80m - (70m, 47m)
X5. Dusty Hardman, 42F, NJ/ID, Victor/ID, N/A, 100m - (31.5m, 31.2m)
X6. Juan Juarez, 39M, MX/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 77m - (40m, 31m)
X7. Michael Hall, 35M, MA/AR, Fayetteville/AR, Rush Running, 100m - (51m, 10m)
X8. Ian Stevens, 45M, England/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 31m - (31m, 7.6) - injury
X9. Peter BG Shoemaker, 41M, IL/NM, Albuquerque/NM, N/A, 62m - (62m, DNS)
X10. Jarret Hlater, 28M, IN/IL, Bartlett/IL, CHUGS, 100m - (55m, DNS)


  1. Age before beauty if mileage intentions are equal; that means Charles is ahead of me :)

  2. Thanks Michael, but you have already completed a 100 mile'er. intentions are nice but I think you may be still ahead of me.

  3. Has anyone given any thoughts to an award of sorts? Kinda be cool if everyone running could contribute a local trinket to be put on a winners plaque. Just an idea.

  4. Just sent in my intentions from Chicago. I hope I get some followers here so I'm not alone logging my miles. Should be fun!

  5. Sent mine in too. I'll be starting out with Brian's group and finishing solo I hope)

  6. Looks like we need to have this thing in Bartlett

  7. I will think of something special for the winner ;)

  8. Come on over Charles. You're more than welcome to join us :).

  9. time to send in your results
    maybe i took 1st place!
    (at sending in my results)

  10. Looks like this is still up for grabs, still waiting on a few results. I am so ashamed of my 10 miles ;) I just couldn't rally the troops down here and did not feel like a solo 51 miler after a long business trip ending on Friday night.

    Thanks everyone for rallying and supporting food shelters. Good, clean, fun.