Donation Summary

Running is fun, getting a group of people together to run for a good cause, even better. We're hoping that participants will embrace the philosophy of giving during the Thanksgiving holiday and pledge to donate can goods as their entry fee (for instance, pledging one can per 5 miles run or one can per hour of the race). All donations will go to local homeless shelters. Donations do not have to be food, it can be money or clothing; whatever you can given your current financial situation - we are not all created equal here. Please have someone take the lead on locating a shelter in your area and zip me an email with your totals so we can tally up how much we donated as an event. I'll post our event impact in the days following the race. Given the economy the last couple of years, people are in need of our support as much as ever. Every little bit helps. 

Thanks for being such incredible people.

2010 Donation Tally (coming soon)